Your typical ASD Sunday Morning. Coffee, videos and French toast.

My ASD boy is 12 now. He stands 5’1 and 130 lbs. he is no longer this little boy in who stole my heart and forever changed my life in an instant.

It’s hard to remember those days.
I can recall blips and moments but to be honest time whirled by with four little boys running around and I didn’t really have time to enjoy much more than a sweet cuddle as I tried to put one to sleep or a laugh when they did something cute or a acknowledging glance of wonder when I watched them do the amazing things children do to amaze us and make us marvel that they are ours.

Today my boy is a constant source of enjoyment. He is his own person and it’s amazing to watch.

He likes music and often picks up my phone when we are in the front seat or car (he’s finally in the front) and switched the playlist to his favourite song (Believer- imaginedragons) He has a wicked sense of humour and often cracks jokes to amuse us or “roasts ” his bros! And he is helpful and kind, able to put out the dogs for me if running late or clean up the toys… even if they aren’t always his.

There were days where I was afraid to even think “I can’t do this” but here we are. Fairly well adjusted and enjoying life.
Remember achievements are limitless but, they do take time. Even the smallest progress is still progress. And don’t undervalue it.

Last weekend while I relaxed at my parents watching baseball and kicking back I caught a glimpse of childhood. Lincoln smiling and playing with his brothers, just a kid on a Sunday afternoon and reminded myself my life was full of blessings and to be thankful for every one.
This morning I woke to make French toast (Lincolns favourite) and bacon (everyone’s favourite) and just sat and enjoyed the moment. Sunday morning in out house is lazy and lingers. It’s the perfect opportunity for hugs and smiles and the simple enjoyment a family offers.

Take a moment to enjoy yours!


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