Surviving the Holidays… Asd kids, diabetes and us!

About a month ago our world turned upside down in the middle of smooth sailing, as we unexpectedly received a diagnosis of juvenile diabetes for son numbero dos.

3 days in NICU out of the blue can turn your life upside quicker then you can say ‘blood sugar’ but perhaps being a mom of a kid on the spectrum had me better prepared for it.

Being home alone with 4 kids on a Saturday in my Peg Bundy cheetah print pants and hoochie hoody left me dressed completely inappropriately for a trip to the E/R, ambulance ride and one way ticket to Sick Kids but it did nothing to rattle me. I am predisposed to thinking on my feet and adapting quickly to change. I am a parent of a child with Autism. This is my life…totally got this.

After watching my completely emaciated child stripped down to his skeletal shell, eyes sunken, face paler than ghostly, hooked up to lines and monitors I took a deep breath and simple went with it.




Hours  blurred into days. My core stayed strong. I trusted. I went with it.

By day three when my son was finally strong enough to leave bed and snuggle on the uncomfortable couch simply to be out of bed and lay with me (he instantly fell back asleep) I asked the nurse with sincerity “is it just me or is this really not that bad but merely something to adapt to? I mean, with an autistic  son we are so use to just finding a better and alternative way to do everything everyone else does. I think this is the same. Our schedule changed, we plan differently. So what?”

A month in and a major holiday under our belt, I feel we have this under control. The bump in the road maybe spilt my coffee but we salvaged most of it.

One new issue we faced this holiday season and as Lincoln having difficulty settling in Christmas Eve and sleeping. He started telling us he was ‘Nervous’ about Santa around 7pm. I really didn’t listen… I had a house full of people and had just served 3 different dishes and I had a kitchen full of dishes and 4 rambunctious kids dancing around wanting to open presents.

He has always been a great rule follower. Christmas Eve we put out cookies, you got to bed VIOLA!! Santa enters, stage left.

This year, not the case.

Mom wraps all presents while watching Bad Santa (Are you fucking with me???) then tidies up and goes to bed, snuggles Dad and 1pm comes.

3pm Lincoln gets up, wakes up his three brothers and ever 15 minutes or so she’s woken up till 7am.

Moms not a morning person … it’s an interesting morning.

The day is a perfect one regardless of starting out rocky and we enjoy our time together but as we settle in at night to watch old episodes of The Sopranos I smile to myself and think ‘nice try Autism’

We adapt.

Thats what an ASD family does.

Happy Holidays Everyone. To a year of adapting and succeeding. Being Awesome because of, not despite the bumps in the road!


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