My ASD kid still needs Mom hugs

As a busy working Mom I sometimes depend on my children to be responsible for themselves more and more as they grow and with that increased responsibility I suppose at times I forget they still need me. Perhaps, even more than ever.

As babies and toddlers I always snuggled and cuddled them. I always had my arms full of boys and a child on a hip… Sometimes both.

with independence comes a change in maternal coddling. You sneak kisses and hugs when you can but you loose the strings and allow your child to venture out on thier own, with held breath, hoping they down stumble or fall. So similar to those first trembling, unsteady steps as an infant.

My autistic boy is 11 now. He stands just shy of 5 ft and weighs in at a solid 120 lbs. He has a robust vocabulary and unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He is funny and sweet. He is sensitive and kindhearted. He comes in minutes before my alarm to mother hen me and make sure I get out of bed in time for work before he goes downstairs to take in a few of his favorite cartoons before school.

The other day he was under the weather and asked to sleep with me. I said ok and he climbed into bed. He kept pulling my arm over him and I asked softly if he wanted me to hold him.

“Yes” he answered warmly “you give the best hugs”


The tears welled in my eyes instantly and i held him tightly to me. Rubbing his back gently.


“arn’t hugs the very best Mom?”

“Yes Lincoln, they really are”

They may grow. We may I courage them to be independent, but they will always be our little ones. Needing love and encouragement and just simply thier “Mom”



One thought on “My ASD kid still needs Mom hugs

  1. I agree. I loved reading your post. My little guy just turned 5 and even with the autism he is so loving, he gives hugs and kisses and he helps to nurse back to health when I am not feeling well he will put a cloth on my forehead and bring me cold water to drink, and then tell me to get rest. He is my pride and joy.

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