11 years on the spectrum – happy birthday to my boy!

With an audible “pop” at 6:30 am on a Saturday 11 years ago my water broke.

it was unmonumental at the time, lack lustre really, just a tiny kick and pop and I sat on the edge of the bed thoughtless… Almost as if I unconsciously knew as soon as I stood up my world would change as I basically wet my pants.

Shortly after 9pm to the most ludicrous one hit wonder ever “Tarzan boy” my 9 lb 6 oz beautiful love of my life came into the world with a hearty but peaceful cry.

For all the childhood crushes, broken hearts and love gone wrong … Love gone right and crazy love I had experienced to date, nothing prepared me for the love of a child.

The maternal bond I wondered if I’d feel with the stranger that shared my body for 9 months seized me fast and hard and has yet to let me go. He holds my heart in his smile and I am forever thankful to know what real love is.

To my boy who makes me thank god everyday for him, who makes me laugh and smile. Who holds my hand even when he is a big boy now. Who asks if it’s ok he doesn’t have a “special someone ” and loves snakes and obscure animals I thank you for making me a Mom. A role I could never appreciate the value of until I was one myself.

I am so very proud of your loveliness and strength. Adversity will not stop you and you will not bow down to any challenge.

Happiest birthday my son. May your every wish come true.




One thought on “11 years on the spectrum – happy birthday to my boy!

  1. The honour and privilege we are accorded as parents, at times is accompanied by the daunting challenge of attempting to articulate to an indifferent world, why being a parent is a high-value calling.

    There are a rare few like yourself, who actually experience life to the fullest, complete with its uncompromising rawness, as opposed to just striving to fill life with experiences. Your natural and unpretentious demonstration of value in your children is a lesson in unconditional love, all should take note of.

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