DIfferent may be more effective? How my ASD kid watches tv.

My son is 10 now and he is mature enough to be trusted to go down stairs when he gets up and watch a tv show before the other children wake up.


He is in the habit of putting on the subtitles when he is watching something.

I always assumed he did this to be sneaky and not wake up anyone else and enjoy some primo “alone time”. To be honest, I would do the same thing if it meant a quiet cup of coffee without 4 rowdy boys running amok under foot.

Today, I sat painting my toe nails as he clicked on Scooby Doo and I noticed the subtitles click on before he reclined back and settled into to enjoy the hi jinks of a dog and his mystery solving friends.

“Hey Linc, why do you put on the words too?”

His zombie like stare does not waiver from the screen as he answers “To understand what they are saying”

“SO, does it help understand what is going on or just the characters words?”

“What is going on in the show”

“Hmm” I stop to ponder that thought.


As a child with autism something it might be difficult to size up a situation an know what is going on. Reading people is difficult.

By turning on the subtitles, my kid is circumventing this dilemma. Also, Reading may be a different part of brain for processing than visually sizing up the situation.

Pretty smart kid.

Technologically, the world is changing and making life a little more “ASD friendly” let our children embrace the tools to help them comprehend “their way”


2 thoughts on “DIfferent may be more effective? How my ASD kid watches tv.

  1. Oh my – this is exactly what my grandson does! Thank you for opening the window of understanding a little wider. I will have to ask him about why he does this too.

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