Childhood friendship- Being one of the group ASD kids need friendship too!

Growing up my parents always embraced our friends and our house was always open to them. I was always proud of this point and knew my home  was a 2nd home to many kids…my parents, 2nd parents.


This to me was endearing and it taught me a lot about what is important in life.

We didn’t have the best of everything, nor did we have luxury items like the newest game console, trampolines or cool climbing sets but we were pretty well off and my parents were hardworking, good moraled people whom kids felt comfortable around and could be themselves.

This made our house popular for visits and hangouts.

Lately, I have noticed more children knocking on the door and more times than not, I come home to a friend visiting. I am happy to see my own children feel comfortable hanging with Mom and just as my own friends know my door if always open and the kettle always hot, my boys friends seem to know they are always welcome in our home.


I am glad for these things….after all, this is what makes a house a home.

This morning while I was steam cleaning up stairs still in my pj’s I heard something I don’t often hear in my house…a little girls voice. Lincolns very kind and thought friend Abby had stopped by. I apologized for my pj’s and she came in and the boys got busy keeping her occupied. They were smitten and happy to have a new friend to visit with. I decided the giggles and happy voices were worth putting aside work that could be done later and offered to take them out for a nature walk.

She has always been a great friend to my ASD kid always patient and considerate, never judging. His differences are accepted ‘as is’ and she embraces his as he is and even better, likes him because of it.


How lucky is a child who has such amazing friends.

He is blessed that has friends. They make us smile and hearts glow.


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