“Go get ’em boy!!” Boyhood crushes and chasing girls -An ASD kid in action

I remember chasing Barry and Robbie home hitting them with my Miss Piggy tote and telling them if they try to kiss me again they were toast!! I was 7.

I can still remember the feeling of the hot August sun on our naked shoulders and freckles sprouting on our flawless kid skin when me and Darren Cox used to knock on the front window of his parents house to rouse his Mum off the couch to watch us kiss for her in the big bay window. I was 5.

It is as natural as a big belly laugh or being awed the first time you catch a frog in the pond. Love.

That first awkward, silly sweet innocent infatuation.


So, on a sunny, leisurely, Saturday afternoon I was not surprised to watch my 9 year old son become smitten with a cute little girl who kept tossing her curly brown locks over her shoulder and climbing the monkey bars with her willowy limbs right in front of his prepubescent eyes.


Autism has been know to hinder socialization but I was tickled pink that it did not hinder my son’s desire to vie for this sassy young things attention.

“Hi! I’m Lincoln Jude Skorochod! Who are you?”

The sweet little vixen sashayed past him, her hair bouncing on her thin shoulder. “I’m Kaylee. She’s Kristen”

“No I’m not….!” The friend chimed.

A big smirk and the girl turned and giggled off to the slide to pow wow with her friend.

Lincoln and Grayson stood speechless, watching the girls with wonderment. Their little brother, only 4 was immune to the girls power of mesmerizing and continued to crawl on all fours, barking and panting as he played “dog”.

After a few seconds ticked by Lincoln looked wistfully over his shoulder on last time then it appeared an idea had hatched in his mind. He strode over to Bishop.


“Hey boy! Atta boy! Go get the girls! I like THAT one! (he pointed) Go get ’em boy! That a boy!”

I nearly spit out my Chai latte.

The girls pretended they didn’t hear but a big smile snuck across their pretty faces.

BIshop barked happily and crawled off towards them.

Ah! First love.


So glad Autism did not interfere with this fantastic experience!! And thank god for baby brothers!!



4 thoughts on ““Go get ’em boy!!” Boyhood crushes and chasing girls -An ASD kid in action

  1. Hi there 4boysandaspergers. Just a quick comment to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. Im a speech and language therapist from the UK and have actually recommended your blog to a couple of parents with children about to journey down the diagnosis route 🙂
    I do hope you keep up this amazing blog – you’ll be able to look back upon this in years to come with so much pride, for yourself, your family and the documented memories you’ve shared with the world 🙂

    • Thanks! I do try, and I hope that if I only help one parent _I HELP! I remember feeling so lost at first with the diagnosis and it just took a little time to figure out it was a blessing, not a punishment 🙂

      I appreciate all your kind words 🙂

  2. My son is high functioning autistic, and his teacher was saying he takes better to the girls and has a better relationship with them then the boys, I think its kinda cute, daddy says hes a little go getter I think they just appreciate his sensitive side more, and i just let him have the fun he likes be it hanging out with a boy or girl.

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