Autism lives here

12Here is my son Lincoln on a lazy morning during March break with his new puppy Buttercup.

He’s petting her gently while he watched some old loony Toon cartoons and has taken to calling the pup “jr” likely from one of these old cartoons. He tells us she is so cute and little and he likes her flops ears.

When we had to put our 12-year-old dog Roscoe down unexpectantly due to heart issues Lincoln threw himself on my bawling when I told him the bad news that Roscoe was not going to be coming home.It was heartbreaking. He told me Roscoe was a good old dog and who would now sleep under their bed and guard them?

Even though I myself was raked with grief it was not lost on me that out of the four children I have the Autistic one was the most emotional over this loss.

Autistics are stereotyped as being unfeeling and detached from emotional responses but my boy is really quite the opposite. While books tell you to expect inappropriate responses to emotional situations never did I read that to mean that my little one would be so in tune with his feelings that he is often moved to tears by music and seems to have a ‘sixth sense’ when a situation is intense.

Autism lives here.

This is what it looks like to have a child with Autism.

Often times by appearance everything is just a regular day….and lots of times it is. He is the same as you or I, enjoying the puppy breath and wiggly tail, the curiosity and goofy little run when she prances across the floor chasing the kids.

Autism does not steal away the moments of ones life that seem so small but are monumental in a childs life.

I might be a little more emotional than others, I’d admit that. I am glad though that my son is too.

As a parent my worst fears were that he would never get to feel those highs and lows the same as you or I, being in love, that grand feeling of a big belly laugh, the ache of missing someone, the exhilarating feeling of ‘acing’ something and just the feeling of AWESOME!

I’m a glad for days that my child is just like everyone else and that although Autism lives here, it does not rule here. Our home is just that. Everyone is embraced and we all share in the small moments that make life full and beautiful.



5 thoughts on “Autism lives here

  1. Thank you!!! I am a mother of 3 and our oldest son was diagnosed almost 4 years ago with bi polar disorder, aspergers and ADHD combined type. Reading your insights helps to remind me that he’s not alone and he’s not textbook. Which as you know, is a relief. Just want you to know that I appreciate you. THANK YOU

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