WOW! 2013 was a blur…

Sometimes no news is good news.

As the year draws quickly to a close I am happy to report my ASD kid is doing well, thriving and coming into his own.

Mom and Lincoln Christmas 2013

Mom and Lincoln Christmas 2013

So is his Mom.

2013 for me was a transitional one in mind and heart. I needed to do a little quiet soul-searching and I think I have done so. I looked past being a MOM of a kid on the spectrum and found out who ‘grown up Amanda” might like to me.

Instead of being serious and studious trying to help my children I found time to be funny and fun, embrace my own style and joie to vie again. It had been sometime since I really was free in my own mind to take time for me and I needed it. Really needed it.

Reflections "who am I?"

“who am I?”

2013 lead me down new paths and although I wasn’t looking for life changes, I did find some.

The song “Ways to go” by Group love will be my theme song for this year as it draws to an end.

I didn’t ask for that
You give me heart attack
I didn’t want to care
And then I saw you there
Been working like a dog
I turned all my dreams off
I didn’t know my name
I didn’t know my name


These words, however actually intended, make me think of my journey as a mother of a child with Autism. IT is a struggle and we lose ourselves at times, and for stretched, but we can get back on track. We can  over-come.




We will.

We must.


I was fortunate enough this year to luck upon a great group of friends in the most unlikeliest of places. I decided to sign up for a Motorcycle Club in the early months of 2013 and my Husband chose to do so as well.

We have gained a wonderful group of comrades through the 9 months and they in turn have embraced my ASD family at face value, without prejudice and with much warmth and kindness. My family had the opportunity to get out, be social and enjoy many new adventures with the CMC 050 and I have to say we are so much richer for it.

P1220940 (2)

This year the Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers chapter 050 Durham Region also decided to embrace Nova’s Ark as their charity of choice to donate time, heart and money to.

Nova’s Ark is a amazing place that my son Lincoln has visited for summer camp two years running. ITs founder Mary Ann Nova is an awesome woman with a heart bigger than the Earth itself. She gives so much and I am very pleased to know I can help give back and that the club I belong to also would like to be part of her magic.

Sometimes, all we need is to feel wanted and that we belong.

Sometimes as people who are parents, we forget who ‘we’ are and become just a parent. Just an advocate. Just a body.

Don’t forget to be. You are an energy that was put on this Earth to be many things, to many people. There are many people out there that will touch your heart too, if only you let them. Friendships can move mountains and love has many faces, many levels and many reasons. Don’t box yourself in to one set of beliefs or one way of thinking.

The world can be black and white or it can be a spectrum of colours that please the eye and heart. Never settle for plain and ordinary 🙂

Welcome 2014.

May you bring me places I have not yet walked, may my family grow and prosper, may my friends smile and share with me and may I learn to be a better person.


May I always continue to learn and grow. May I accept life lessons and become robust from the experience. Afterall, life is an adventure and I want my book of life to be full of dazzling colour, moments and people.

Happy New Year!




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