The simple words -Life with my ASD boy

We take for granted all the very simple and innocent transactions that transpire between two people, the comfortable banter of siblings or friends that create a bond of friendship and love. Sometimes with Autism these simple words don’t get shared.

This morning I was sitting doing a little admin work with my first cup of coffee and my ASD son sat down beside me in a tub chair that has a very ample seat, allowing his baby brother to climb in and cuddle in with him.

“hey kid, shove over” LIncoln says warmly

“Give me room” His little brother demands and wiggles in to give himself room.

“boy you sure are bossy”

“Give me room!”

“ok, ok don’t freak out” Lincoln giggles

I look over, expecting a fight and see a beautiful smile blossomed on Lincolns face. His arm is draped very casually over his little brothers shoulders and I notice the little hand has taken his borthers bigger one and is also sharing a smile as the two of them sit watching tv all cute and zombie like.

THESE are the moments that matter.

THESE are the times I was so afriad I would be robbed of. I look at my children being children and I am thankful for all that I am blessed with and I can only hope your children are able to share in the same.

Autism makes it more difficult to express these feelings but it doesn’t always steal the opportunity away.

Best Saturday morning EVER!

Enjoy your children and have a wonderful weekend with your ASD kids.



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