All I am thankful for

Tonight I was out getting groceries for my Thanksgiving dinner and I ran into my best friends parents. They are lovely people, so warm and caring and I always enjoy speaking with them.

After exchanging pleasantries and a few chuckles about being out without children in tow I was asked about how Lincoln was doing.

As we stood talking, questions asked and answered, a little motherly pride beaming I thought to myself how amazing it was to be able to report such positive results and exactly how far my son had come.

I reflected back to a similar run in I had with the same couple a few years back , this time with a newborn and three very busy little boys.

At the time Lincoln was five and very remote and had much difficultly standing still long enough to allow me to greet and exchange pleasantries. I remember how the baby cried and I absently passed him off to my friend Mother as I struggled to get Lincoln off the floor, off the cart, to stand with me while the other little ones bounced around.

I remember how very kind they were with him, with all my boys and how heartbreaking it felt to know my son was not very responsive and that I wasn’t able to share with them all his lovely traits.


Sometimes with Autism it is hard to share in exchanges with friends, and the socializing is just too difficult. I was so very touched to see they only looked at him with kindness and the beautiful smile of one that truly enjoys the innocence of childhood and the wonderment of children. I did not feel ashamed as sometimes one will.

Tonight I was reminded just how far we have come and how grateful I am for all the help we have been given along the way to get to where we are.


There have been some really wonderful people that have worked very hard to get us where we are and with hard work and determination my son has become a very funny, sweet and smart little boy with a great disposition and a beautiful heart.

With Thanksgiving upon us I want to take a moment to revel in all the goodness in my life and my children’s. As a family, we have been blessed with amazing sons, brothers and friends to bloom and grow through life with and I could not think of anything better to be given.

Any day I feel down I simply have to look into the faces of my children and know I have nothing to feel sad about. I have everything within arms reach…each hug and kiss echoes how very blessed I am.


Autism has only given me a fresh and unique perspective on this journey and I am richer for it.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


One thought on “All I am thankful for

  1. I know what you mean about seeing the progress he has made, and how his loving personality has become more obvious. As I said on Facebook the other day, I have noticed with my little boy lately, that the hugs he gives me now have more feeling. His hugs are now tight and lingering. As the mom to an Autistic child, that means more than words can say.

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