100th POST!! The future…

I’m sharing this one again, because it was a great accomplishment and with over 23,000 hits on this blog I’d like again to say thank you for allowing me a voice. 🙂 A

4boysandaspergers's Blog

Wow! Can you imagine? the BIG 100th post!

I never imagined I’d get here, but look! here I am.

Thank you all most sincerely for letting me have a voice.Without anyone to read my thoughts and experiences I really wouldn’t be sitting here at midnight plugging away and I likely wouldn’t be at such a healthy place with my feelings on raising an awesome child with Autism 🙂

P1200732 (2)As most of you know, I am a Mother of 4 little boys, my oldest having Autism.

Autism has taught me many lessons that have made me a better person, not just Mother. It has taught me to roll with the punches, to not let pride get in my way, to never give up.

It has forced an impatient person to be patient.

It has taught me to be prudent.

It has shown me my own weaknesses and challenged me to better…

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