This week was a week of big change for our children as they transitioned to their new school. It was a week I’ve been not so secretly dreading all summer and a day that I have spent many an hour worrying about.

Parents of ASD kids are painfully aware of how difficult change can be for a child with autism and how scary it is for a parent who has found success in a process and are now asked to change it and start from scratch again.

School for Lincoln was difficult and challenging. It has taken years to get him settled and accepting and exceeding expectations. The change to me was heartbreaking…I wasn’t sure if I had the strength to face it but as we all know there isn’t much choice, as parents we MUST there is not option A or B.

I am happy to report all three of my school age children have adapted well and quick. Lincoln has had a few bumps in the week but they are minute and are expected and he was come home saying he had a good day and leaves the house with a smile.

I decided with the start of the school year since change was inevitable that I would also push the envelope and have the kids go to bed by themselves, without me sitting with them (A terrible habit to get in but it was the lesser of the two evils at the time, I also need sleep and cannot be up all night ushering people back to their beds). I offered to pay them all a dollar for each night they successfully went to bed alone and so far a week in they have done great! Falling asleep much quicker than if I was there to give a 2nd or 3rd hug,

I guess what I have learned is that everyone possesses the ability to embrace change and be successful. There are times where we just have to dig in and rise up to meet a challenge head on and not be afraid of failure.

As adults, we do this all the time…or at least I seem to.

As parents we try to shield our children from that challenge. I guess I am learning that maybe it not always needed and it is ok to let our children fend for themselves at times. We might be amazed at how resilient they really are!

I am also warmed by how caring the past teachers of my children truly are.

I’ve had a terribly hectic week and to be frank I’ve had very little time to think much less be thoughtful.

I was sent two e-mails from last years teachers advising they had been thinking of their past students in their first week at a new school. Lincolns teacher from last year had noted she had been thinking of us and hoped he was settling in well.

I have to admit, I felt a little selfish for not thinking to share how he made out and I was extremely touched that he meant so much to her that she took time out of her equally busy week to touch base and inquire about his first week in a new school and grade.

Sometimes we forget how lovely life is and how wonderful it is to be human.

We share bonds that do not severe just because we move on and we can all bask in the glow of a beautiful child who is coming into his own. The best part is knowing LIncoln has lots of fans rooting for him. I just know with so many people wishing the best for him he will get any place he wishes and with the knowledge he is very loved.



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