Empowerment and confidence in your ASD kid

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4boysandaspergers's Blog

A Facebook friend posted this picture the other day and it immediately made me think of Lincoln.

While I was admiring the picture my almost 3 year old came and sat on my lap and said “ohh! Superman!” and I smiled and said “Yup. what do you think?”

“Werwee cool!!”

“I know!” I smiled. “isn’t it?”

I thought of how this little boy was a lot like my little boy. Standing in front of the world so proud of who he is, even though he is standing only in undies and rain boots with a makeshift super cape but feeling, that he could be king of the world – protector of all.

It didn’t matter to this boy that he was standing out, that he was different, and that some were laughing at him. Some of the laughter being that soft chuckle from an elder who finds you sweet and…

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