A love between Mother and Child

I’m reading a book called “eating Chinese food naked” by Mei Ng.

For as sexy as it sounds it is actually has quite a strong story line about the love and protection of a child for her Mother and the cultural aloofness that Asian parents might feel is required of them to show even when thier children are much more meaningful to them and help ease the loneliness of a bad marriage, unhappy work life etc. Both Mother and daughter feel wrong for caring and enjoying each others company as much as they do, but they both provide shelter to each other when life’s winds pick up.

Reading this got me thinking about how children have the impossible desire to please and amuse, calm and save us.


Little boys bring their Mothers flowers to spread a smile across their faces (much like my little guy did tonight with wild daisies and clover) They notice the days when our smiles are forced and they ask “why?” when they notice a glistening of a brand new tear forming in your eyes as they implore you with their own innocent ones.

It’s easy to miss or pass over the fact that our children want nothing but to make up happy, after all we are so busy trying to please them just as much.

When you have a moment, watch your child.

Watch how they address you when they are not looking for anything from you and you will see that they truly want for your contentment and they are considering your feelings. After all, we have taught them to do so by leading by example.


With autistic children it sometimes is more challenging to see their desire to bring you joy and merriment but it is there. Don’t miss it because of frustration or the fact it is a subtle expression. Sometimes the most subtlest emotions are the biggest and most powerful.

Tonight, while we were eating dinner and I quizzed Lincoln on what he did today I mentioned that next week we were have “family fun week” Mom and Dad and all the boys for 7 fun-filled days.

He turned and placed his soft, warm hand on my arm and said “Mom? will we go to the beach?”

“Yes, Lincoln, of course. Will you like that?”

“Yes Mom. And I know you will like that most of all.” He looked me square in the eye and smiled while my heart burst.



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