A fabulous week! Our Autistic boy dazzles them all :)

Part of the stress of having a child that has autism is the unpredictability of their behavior, especially their behavior when doing activities they are NOT interested in doing.

For LIncoln, school at times can be a big one of the latter.

He is very lucky to receive lots of support and a more than wonderful fulltime E/A so it makes school more enjoyable and it helps to keep him on task as well as giving him someone to help him stay focused and on task. This has proven this year to help him make HUGE HUGE strides academically and I am absolutely beaming with pride to report he is keeping up with the class and is even a little ahead in reading 🙂


For a month or so in April LIncoln had a most difficult time doing the most basic requests and his behavior flared up and back into the behavior we were accustom to in JK but had not seem for several years. There were a few phone calls home (or to Mom at work) and a few trips down to the Principals office.

Any parent that sees regression panics, if not out loud, then they panic internally…and BIG TIME! That first note home expressing concern sent me on an internal tail spin of fear and worry and each subsequent letter made me dizzy with dread.


No one understands why behaviors change radically and I can only guess that something was upsetting my son and he was trying to ‘sort it out’ I can only compare it to the way when I am going through a rough patch I might get up to put the dog out at 3am and find myself a piece of cheese or a cookie….something I totally don’t need and I am really not sure why I am consuming it. The act is crazy, but I just do it anyhow 🙂

I am happy to report that late last week I got a wonderful end of the day phone call from my sons teacher let me know how fantastic he did in his presentation to the class, volunteering to go FIRST and acing the power point presentation! He answered his friends questions and was engaging (something very difficult for a child with autism) His teacher told me how she was moved to tears by how well he did and how very proud she was. I have to admit, hearing that I was too moved to tears.

That's Me!

That’s Me!

The next week held a few challenged for Lincoln, he had a replacement E/A and a few routine changes but I was still dazzled with great reports home about how well he adapted, how great he worked and how he participated. Things that made my tender heart soar and smile.

I am so proud of my boy for all he has accomplished in just 8 yrs. I know I am a little biased, but he is a hell of a kid!


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