Happy 8th birthday to the ASD boy who stole my heart.

I never saw it coming.

I didn’t know how much would change in just a single breath as his little tiny lungs filled with the hope and possibilities the world he entered offered but as my first-born son came into my life I instantly began to cry (much like I am writing this now) and I knew nothing would ever be the same and SOMETHING really wonderful just happened.

8 years later, as I watch my son frolic with his friends and laugh and smile as he blows out his candles I can only thank God for blessing me with such a profound gift. 097

That little boy who came into my life so round and rosy, with a tuft of black hair and wise eyes at 9lbs 6 ozs on a Saturday night in the mid of our winter sleep now stands tall and sturdy, his eyes full of wonderment and his giggle sings in my ears as sweet as an angels song. His hands are no longer drawfed by mine, but they still hold fast to me. His angelic face looks to my now for answers instead of just a reassuring smile.


It went by as fast as that first breath did. What I thought would take forever just passed in a flutter of an eye.

I cannot believe how fast and far my child has come, just this week he was given an award for being a fluid and expressive reader. The boy I worried was so far behind a year ago….

I thank my lucky stars everyday for Lincoln Jude. He is absolutely perfect in every way and I think Autism made him sparkle ‘just’ a little brighter.


I love you baby boy. Thank you for giving me the most valuable gift a person can be given.


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