First love -My Autistic boy and Girls

My son Lincoln has always been very affectionate (which is surprising for knowing he has autism) and extremely in tune with the mood or feeling or music. He often would cry when listening to a sad sounding piece of Opera music or instrumental movement like Beethovens moonlight sonata or perhaps Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2. He has always been one to like to touch others skin, sit against or on someone and loves to hug.


As he reaches his 8th year we have noticed he has become an admirer of the ‘fairer sex’ and is quite smitten with one little girl in particular.

While my girlfriend was visiting the other night she asked LIncoln if he has a girl he liked. Lincoln was reading at the kitchen table and he didn’t take the time to lift his head, but he did answer with a very soft “Charlee”

My friend asked more about her and he answered “but I can’t talk to her”

“Why?” we both asked in unison.

He lifted his head and his lovely cupid bow lips perked neatly into a warm smile and pretty hazel eyes gleamed. “She makes me so nervous!”

kid love

GAH. Heart, met your match. Totally melting!

Young love. It is so innocent.

I am so happy my son has had the honor of enjoying that experience. Life is so much richer with love.


One thought on “First love -My Autistic boy and Girls

  1. We can relate. We have an 11 year old who is very in tune with the female world around him. He loves beautiful women, yes women not girls his age. He’s a sweet boy and also gets emotional with slower sounding music. Glad to have him the way he is.

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