To share again, because it is a good message 🙂

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Here are two things you should know about me before I delve into this post.

1) I read a lot. Now, I am far from scholarly, but I have always enjoyed reading. I find it relaxing, exciting, creative and personal. It is something almost secret you share with the Author. No two people see the story exactlythe same.I love it. Avid reader. That is me.

2) People must find my persona to be warm and inviting because stranger talk to me everywhere I go. (How surprising this might seem to some!) The grocery store, gas station, drug store, walking down the street, on the subway on the GO train….I love to entertain on the GO! An hour to learn something about someone new. I often embrace this. Sometimes, not so much and I have a hard time convincing people to stop talking to me once they decide they want…

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