A $500 donation to Autism Speaks!

Today I received notice that I had won a Community impact award for my region (North America) through my company Cap Gemini. They will be donating $500 to Autism Speaks.

I am blessed to work for such an amazing company that values the fact thier employees give their time to help others in the community. I am very proud of the organization I belong to. They are world class 🙂

Here is part of the notice that went out:

Q3 Community Impact Award Winners:

It was also inspiring to learn about the impact and commitments many of you are making in your communities through other charities. On behalf of the North America Country Board, I would like announce our Q3 Community Impact Award winners and invite you to submit final nominations for Q4. The five winners chosen by the NA Country Board represent various cities, business units, and charities each demonstrating different ways to provide service to extraordinary causes.

· Amanda Marrison-Skorochod (BPO, Toronto) – Autism Speaks Canada

🙂 How wonderful!



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