The Toronto Star’s Autism Project.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to check the Toronto stars news serial…The Autism Project.

Today, a video about Genetics and Autism was posted. IT was absolutely riveting.

Here are just a few articles you will find along with an autism blog:

How to integrate people with autism into society

Extreme male brain theory of autism: extremely smart or extremely sexist?

Is there an autism epidemic?

Kids with autism need help, but so do parents

Autism research chair will look at bullying

The Autism Project: Study tests early intervention for toddlers showing signs of autism while they wait for assessment

Autism study: First signs don’t appear until after 6 months of age

The Autism Project: The ‘Rain Main of Shenzhen’

This articles help parents when faced with the consideration of autism in their children or upon diagnosis. Even if you don’t have a family member with Autism, it is always great to be aware. I can assure you you will know someone effected by it and the more you know the better you will understand.

Understanding can be the difference for many and helps those faced with Autism.


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