An Autism Mom’s Heart

I am reblogging this because I have read it again today after noticing it was one of the most read pages this week and I really think a parent of a child with ASD should also read to keep in mind the emotion we feel as parents of children with extra needs are normal and there is a silver lining on these clouds. 🙂
Happy Saturday. Pat yourself on the back for being a great parent.

4boysandaspergers's Blog

Our heart is a delicate thing.

Physically, it is deep within our bodies, cradled by the ribs to protect it, cushioned by organs to keep safe. It is the centre of our core.

Not surprising, emotionally, the heart is almost a mirror image.

It is said to be the “heart” of us, the stabilizing item that holds what is most dear to us, memories that will never fade, most dreamed of hopes and fears, and within all of that is what we value most -our children.

Lincoln is my oldest son and so I have not ever known what it is like to love a child that does not have Autism. Even before diagnosis it was there, and so I cannot comment on whether it is different. I am glad for that too.

It isn’t that I am fearful I might have loved a non-autism child “more” or different, it…

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