As another Thanksgiving is upon us I just wanted to take a moment to count my blessing and sharing the happy moments my children bring me.
This year Lincoln has made a beautiful turkey with 5 tail feathers, each a note of what he is thankful for. His Brothers. His Parents. Grandma and Grampa. Tyler (his 2nd cousin who stays with us through the week to work) His Home.
I shed a happy tear knowing that my son connects with our family, our life and values the same things his parents do.
My 2nd son came home with a lovely turkey story book which is similar to Lincolns but has only 3 openings for things in which he is thankful for. He is thankful for: Food. Toys. Pets.
He noted that if he had a fourth page he would be thankful for his family.
The third sang a lovely little song about “Fred the Turkey” He told his brother not to laugh. It is serious!

Take time to reflect on all that is RIGHT in your life. We have much to be thankful for and if we don;t see that everyday we should at the very least offer thanks at this time.

To a bountiful life!



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