Living in a High functioning family of ASD

For anyone newly diagnosed it helps to see how others react to a fresh diagnosis.

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Happy Autism Awareness Month!

Today is the kick-off of a month of awareness, support and understanding of Autism Spectrum disorders.

I am taking a moment to think about how Autism has formed my family over the last 4 years.

It sprung upon us like a Jack-in-the-box…without notice, beguiling. The music of life played and lulled us into a feeling of contentment and domestic bliss, no one expected the “CLICK” and the release of something unexpected. The smiling little Jack face bobbing back and forth with exactly like a diagnoses. Sprung from the darkness of a box into the light of everyday.

It made you wonder how to take it. Tears seemed excessive but laughter not exactly the right sentiment. Confusion.

I won’t lie and say we didn’t grope about blindly trying to find the right path to take. We sure did. We also tried to navigate our path with maps….but…

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