Watch me grow….

So far this year schoool has gone extremely well!

Maybe it is just another year under his belt or maybe maturity settling in but I’m proud and pleased to report my son has learned so much in such a short time.

All week long I have gotten my daily report home from his E/A and each day noted new things. Things, I just couldn’t imagine happening after struggling through  Jr and Sr Kindergarten, holding my breath through grade one while being pleased as the year progressed as well as my child…I just still had such trepediation. Now, maybe not so much.

All week long there are notes advising me of LIncoln completing school tasks independantly! Yes, that right people!

In-de-pendant.              Just like Rudolph baby! I imagine for non-autistic parents you might think…so??!? And, I get that. It seems simple enough. Sitting. Reading. Working. I imagine it is frusterating for a child with autism too when they see other kids doing just that so easily.

Kids with autism don’t find these tasks easy. It is anything but.

The hard part for parents also is in knowing that these tasks are easy for most kids, most, adults. When you know or remember being small and how you just sat down and filled in a worksheet in the alloted time, like your teacher asked and then you see your child walk off, play with their sneakers instead of writing out their name or draw a picture, watch your son or daughter fidget, rock, chatter to themselves without focus when all they have to do is follow easy instructions…WELL, it is frustrating. It is ok to feel frazzled. I bet your child does.

Learning to follow rules, instructions and meet  expectations is very hard…but it can be done! Lincoln at 7 and a half IS learning. He is DOING. It is great. Really great.

The struggles ARE worth it when you see the pride you child has in working independently. The stress was worth seeing how your child can cope. Can conform. Can be “normal” and like other kids.

Before anyone jumps on my for my “normal” comment I ask you to consider that although no one needs to be like everyone else (heck, I LOVE being unique, my license plate is YB2NRML) I implore you to ask yourself “does you child WANT to be a kid JUST like everyone else? Cause I bet they do.
I am very proud of my beautiful son Linc as he fearlessly tackles grade 2. Way to go my little man. Way. TO. GO.

Another PMM.

Proud Mom Moment.


One thought on “Watch me grow….

  1. That is wonderful! I’m right there with ya. Every little thing means so much.
    Tonight, Cameron started his homework on his own, without being manipulated into it and without being asked. We usually have to compromise with a time that he is comfortable with, and then he sticks to it. Doing it on his own means a lot to us. There has been a lot of growth this year.
    Our boys seem to be very close in age. Cameron’s birthday is in November, and he will be eight. When is Lincoln’s birthday?

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