The Mother of boys…

A mother of boys will always expect                                        A little dirt on the faces of her boys…perfect! She’ll clean and she’ll clean but her floors never shine            As mud-covered feet are a staple and a sign

That her fab little ones are busy and happy                              They do like to run and they are rather strappy

Their toys are well-worn, and dirty and some times abandoned

Though so loved and desired and enjoyed just like a companion

I may never have tutu’s or tiaras or dolls            but this Mother of boys truly does have it all.


2 thoughts on “The Mother of boys…

  1. This is really beautiful. My heart is filled with joy, just reading it.
    I liken it to people who seem to get sad or to pity us when they find out that we have an Autistic child. I feel like saying, “Don’t pity us; you couldn’t possibly know the blessing that is our little boy.”
    Such is true with having all boys, and no girls. The blessings are there, if one stops to look.
    I have two and two, so my blessings come in a different form.

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