Do you ever sometimes….? In awe of my Autistic son.

Do you ever just get lost in the moment that is really JUST a second long, looking at your child in wonder, amazed that he is yours, already 7, so big and beautiful and a little person all of his own?

I do.
So much more often then not.

He really is special and he really is MORE because of autism. It may be because I never know what to expect from him or that he exceeds my expectations more often then not, or perhaps because he loves to drop a one liner on us to crack us all up. Maybe it is the haunting look of question in his face when he is curious and full of questions and wanting to converse (as you all know conversation is sometimes limited with your autistic child so conversations are held sacred)
I am just sometimes so overwhelmed by how much I can love my children and my heart flip flops watching how big they have grown and how insightful and contemplative they are.
When they stop in the yard to explore a spider web or wild flower I just watch in wonderment. I feel my lips twitch with a smirk as I watch them over the edge of a book and I close my eyes and let the sun warm my face and listen to their laughter….innocent and fresh.

Lincoln at the Sandbanks Summer 2012

Life could not be better.

Life is a sweet child exploring the world around them. How blessed I am.


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