Forgetting about Autism? Summer fun and frolicks

Yep. I said it. Forgetting about Autism. Is it possible?

Fun times at the park

Well, it is not like a lost earring or treasured lipstick. Not a “Oh yes! that is where that was!” but more a “oh gee, I forgot, autism. Right…”

As I’ve said before, it just seems like summer brings not only nice weather, the end of school and more time for family fun but less “autistic like” behaviors.

This week we are starting vacation so we have been out around town and visiting some other lovely places north of us and have found that it doesn’t take NEARLY as much effort as last year. Long car rides are manageable, meltdowns are less frequent and it seems like we have even forgotten that we have to worry about everything and maybe, just maybe, we really don’t!

Sure, we are still a family of four young boys. We still have to plan around snacks and pee breaks and stretch breaks to work out a little of that unlimited energy but we are still able to do it! 2 years ago, it would have been a real struggle to even decide to travel.

Today we had a really nice day at a little beach on Chemong lake. It was just a stop on the way to Bobcaygeon but it was enjoyable and fun! AND last year we would not have bothered stopping without help. Some of the things others just don’t understand about having a child with Autism is their unpredictability.

Water is a danger for a child that doesn’t follow rules well when they are really enjoying themselves and Lincoln LOVES water!

Even standing this far away is a cause of concern for LIncoln at times. He will FIND a way to get to the water if that is what he is drawn to. You ALWAYS have to be with him, often we hold his hand…even at 7 yrs of age.

I have to say maturity sometimes hit hard and changes my child quickly. It is just as though it “clicks” and he gets that he can’t just run around willy nilly or that he needs to comply in order to get to do the things he loves!

Summer vacation offers him a reprieve from the hard work and structure of school and he really is coming into his own for it.

I just can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds for our ‘family adventure week’……..

I do hope it isn’t a repeat sighting of the brown bears we saw on our way home! (Scary business…cute or not!)

Super glad my boy is having fun. He has worked so hard and deserves it.




One thought on “Forgetting about Autism? Summer fun and frolicks

  1. I too have times when I feel like my son doesn’t seem quite so Autistic. It is usually when changes are not forced upon him, no demands are placed, and there are no new people to interact with. Sometimes, I forget all about the Autism. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter so much. These times are to be treasured, as you well know.
    We have come far in the past couple of years. We have a lot of work into our little Aspie. Between our work and the work of his Autism Support classroom, we are able to do things that we wouldn’t have even considered before.

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