Busy Now that schools out -An autistic boy in his glory!

Some parents loath the end of the school year, anxiously counting down days until  Labor day but I can’t say I am one of them.

Maybe I remember how much I loved the freedom of the sun on my face and the wind in my hair while I explored the world around me with child-like exuberance and innocence…maybe I just found living outside 8-4 so much easier but even as a child that secretly loved school and all that it encompassed, I also loved the freedom of summer vacation!

I also know that I truly enjoy seeing my son so happy to be a kid.

He can run and hop and jump and jump and jump (trampolining is activity #1) and enjoy the warmth of the sand under his body as he drives trains or explores the grass and he seems to laugh just a tiny bit more and plays just a little more lustily and his smile is so very contagious.

Sometimes, I guess the “autism” does not seem so evident, and not that I have issue with it, but it is nice to forget about it and just enjoy childhood with my kids.

Lincoln does so well at home that often a day or two goes by before we experience any situations that need a little ‘tweaking’ and I have to say, I really enjoy the normalcy of life when this happens. Yes, I said I enjoy normal. 🙂 (Mom, can you believe those words came out of MY mouth?)

What ever the reason, I am LOVING summer vacation with the kids. I wish work had 2 months off too!! Maybe I should write to parliament??


Happy Summer, Folks!



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