8th Annual Autism Speaks Walk -TORONTO!!

Team Lincoln, you made me so very proud.

Team Lincoln 2012

In our 2nd year walking our team TRIPLED our 1st years total for donation and rocked in at $3000.00!! I am so grateful to our friends and family who gave unselfishly to a cause so important to my family.

“TEAM LINCOLN” leaving it’s mark.

The walk itself to me is a portrait of goodness.

It paints a beautiful picture of the love and support offered to families JUST like mine. INstead of seeing labels on our children I see happy kids and happy parents being themselves, without fear of judgement or rejection.

The morning offered me an inner calm. I was one of hundreds that understood me. My son was a boy. A boy like many other boys there. He was not the “1” of 54 this day.

To be given a chance to walk proud, smile and feel important and feel accepted….I just don’t know if a price could be put on that gift.

Helping others ALWAYS feels good. It is also a great deal easier then one might think. I encourage everyone to get involved in something you believe in. The reward gives back tenfold. And who knows, you may just have a lot of fun too!

My heart swells with contentment after seeing how everyone pulled together and gave their time and energy to make TEAM LINCOLN a success. I am so pleased our efforts will help others get the support they deserve and will thrive from.

When is the last time you felt a childlike whimsy?

Thank you everyone. From my heart to yours.


With admiration,


Captain of Team Lincoln.



One thought on “8th Annual Autism Speaks Walk -TORONTO!!

  1. I too feel a bit more at ease and that things are right with the world, when Cameron is in the company of kids that are like him, and I am with parents that totally “get it.” He doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in such circumstances. He is just one of the guys, so to speak. At those times, I don’t worry that he is being misunderstood or that someone is going to hurt his feelings. There is no reason to explain his behavior or to feel self conscious about it. We are simply fellow sojourners on the same path.

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