Autism does not change all things…

This morning I woke up, fluttering my eyelids, to be an inch from my son Lincoln’s beautiful hazel eyes. His 7-year-old skin is flawless. A small splatter of freckles across his cute little nose.

My heart warms, the feeling of contentedness spread through me from my core embracing me like a hug.

“Hi Mom! It is a beautiful morning!”

“It sure is kid”

“What do you want to do today?” he explores, his eyes searching mine.

“Whatever your heart desires, Linc”

“Oh, that’s a lot”

I grin. No doubt.

Good advice to live by…






HAPPY SATURDAY !!! Enjoy your ASD kid and remember, there are lots of amazing things Autism can’t change, touch, effect. ENJOY them all!


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