Boy, this seemed like just yesterday!

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Tonight, as I watched my 9 month old crawl quick and determined away from me in the dark of the older boys room to the light of the hallway to pursue something more interesting, it hit me with a small flutter of sadness – children grow far too fast and we are lead to believe they stay small forever.

Giving it a few moments of thought, I’ve decided that the media leads us to believe infancy lasts forever – just look at Maggie Simpson or Stewie Griffin.

When we shop we see Mothers with children in arm.Everywhere we look the piercing yellow of the

keep us believing that our babies will be little forever. We build nurseries to safe haven our little bundles or joy, without realizing they will all too quickly outgrow our cute little decorum.

Five years ago, I first held my sweet little bundle in my arms.

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