Team LINCOLN and INK4AUTISM help support AUTISM!!


We are getting ready to kick off the 2012 donation year by getting together a “NEW” and “IMPROVED” walk team for 2012.

Last year our little team consisted of 5 and we raised $1000.00. I hope to have 25 this year!! and raise $5000!! CHALLENGE anyone??

I know it is hard to commit to a walk in todays busy life (don’t I know it!) so I’d like everyone to consider ***VIRTUAL WALKING!!!***

Virtual walking is a way to help show your support and raise money to help gain insight, support, awareness and offer help to families effected by Autism. You don’t have to join in the fun at Nathan Philip SQ but you can gather donations and be included in the fun leading up to the walk itself.

1 and 88 kids –YES 1 and 88, are getting diagnosed and early awareness and intervention helps in so many really fantastic and empowering ways. Lincoln is proof. The leaps and bounds he has made in just a year…it makes my heart smile. He is a superkid! (cape included)

Anyone that can give thier time either in person or virually, please contact me for more details.

Any money you can raise in donations helps in a magnitude you just can’t imagine.

UNABLE TO WALK? Donation can be made to “TEAM LINCOLN”

Thank you all for your wonderful support and always being positive by believing in Linc.


Ink4Autism -tattoos in April to help raise awareness and donations to AUTISM SPEAKS is quickly drawing to a close visit for participating studios…don’t miss out!



Amanda, Jack and boys.


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