Lining up vs a different view Autistic point of view

This is Lincoln playing “animals” he doesn’t line things up persay, but he loves to view things at eye level…he often stands at a table and crouches down to peer across the surface of the table…I wonder if he sees something we don’t? …We are all decorating Easter eggs here…Linc was forced to do one then he plays at the table watching us.

One of the main traits of Autism is lining up toys rather then playing with them. LInc never lined, but there is an order to how he played. He NEVER built a tower out of megablocks that was not immediately knocked down to see the result or never did he play trains just to see where the train could go..i It was more reinacting an eposide of Thomas the Tank Engine or something he saw in a book.

Should we have known that this was an issue?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I often think there is a simple enjoyment in HOW he plays and maybe we should try it ourselves.

How do your kids play?


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