INK for AUTISM! ATTENTION ALL Tattoo enthusiasts!!

My Husband Jack has taken a ton of initiative this year in effort to raise both support and awareness for AUTISM and has founded INK4AUTISM, a group of tattoo shops that are offering Autism tattoos to help raise awareness and donations for Autism.

Out of his love for our son Lincoln who has ASD he has taken his support and created this fantastic month long event.

He currently has many shops in North America offering special deals for the month of April. Visit the below link to see who is participating OR pass this message along to any shop you think may like to take part.

All proceeds will go to Autism Speaks.!/Ink4Autism






This is Lincoln, the inspiration behind Ink4Autism. Linc was diagnosed at the age of 4 with Asperger’s and now at age 7 he’s maturing and growing each and every day. Things that were a big deal to him a year ago are now just part of a normal day and things can only get better with the support of his friends and teachers 🙂
Thanks for helping to promote our upcoming April tattoo event and I just know that the month will be a success!

Please visit his site!/Ink4Autism for more details! April is JUST around the corner.



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