Just took a 2nd read of this, and I think this is a good blog for newly diagnosed parents to read. It is good to know we all struggle with acceptance but it can be granted, and we can be happier for it 🙂

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My fantastic Sister-in-Law bought me a copy of a book Temple Grandin’s Mother wrote “A Thorn in my Pocket”I urge anyone who is given the opportunity to read it.

I savored every word the eloquent Eustacia Cutler wrote. She is a very intelligent woman, who is honest in her writings. Her experiences echo our shared experiences. Her guilt, her passion, her undying love for her children.

Mrs. Cutler was brave enough to tell the story of how Autism changed her life. Changed her family. Changed the path she thought she was going to walk down.

I have always tried to be as positive as possible about autism’s place in our life.

I think this is a healthy way to view this challenge and I embrace the fact my son is different.

Different, not inadequate. Different, not flawed. Different, not anything less then perfect.

He is a beautiful soul. A warm…

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