Did you know….?? Helpful services for kids with ASD

I feel like we have gotten to the point that we have visited most of the sources available to aid us with Lincoln and ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder and in doing so, it made me reflect on all the really great resources that were offered to help us.

For any parents new to Autism, I urge you to explore these resources and see what help they can offer. Sometimes it feels like you are tarnishing your pride, or that ‘your’ child doesn’t need that help….well, I say get over the feeling that you are different because you are not doing yourself any favors or your child and look at it as a strength being able to ask for help when you need it or can benefit from it.

Here are just a few great places I have had the opportunity to visit and share with:

Grandview Children’s Centre     http://www.grandviewcc.ca/

Grandview is chock FULL of wonderful people who honestly want to help.

There are many resources available here and their developmental pediatricians are amazing Dr’s with a very robust knowledge of Autism. I have seen their Developmental pediatrician, audiologist, speech therapist, Occupational therapist and we have sent our 2 oldest children to their summer camps and dance classes. The wait list for most services is fairly long (6-9 months for most services although this is only a guess) but once seen for intake your appt times are regular and timely.

Kerry’s Place – http://www.kerrysplace.org

Kerry’s place is a non-profit autism service that helps you find things such as respite services, provided autism worker to help you liason with schools and programs and Kerry’s place offers programs and social support groups for children and parents. I would encourage you to at least attend at intro meeting where you are given details on the services available to you and how to request help.

Disability tax Credit –    http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/ddctns/lns300-350/318/menu-eng.html?=slnk

IF you have a child with a formal diagnosis of ASD you can apply for the disability tax credit.

YOU CAN request this yourself, I have 4 small kids and I did the paperwork in less than 15 minutes myself. Save yourself the money of going to an accountant, it is not necessary. I followed the instruction found here: http://www.autismontario.com/client/aso/ao.nsf/Durham/Tax+Info?OpenDocument#Q3

This tax benefit can go back up to 10 years I believe and you can simply fill in the paperwork then write a letter to accompany it asking that your past however many years (back to diagnosis date not exceeding 10 yrs) be adjusted.

Remember to ask that a monthly disablity amount to be considered.

The processing time is very long for this, but you will receive a letter saying how long to expect to be waiting.

EVERY parent with a ASD child should take advantage of this tax break. It is basically wasted money if you don’t.

Resources for exceptional Children —  http://www.rfecydurham.com/

Resources For Exceptional Children and Youth 865 Westney Road South  Ajax, Ontario L1S 3M4 Tel: 905-427-8862

This agency is a wonderful help for a parent.

Basically, you are assigned a consultant that come to your home and can help you find resources for your child. They will research for you and provide you with a list to help with your needs. They also have many other services available (see list below)

The Durham District School board — http://ddsb.durham.edu.on.ca/DDSBMain.htm

The  DDSB has an Autism Resource team that can be called in to help your childs teacher with you child’s sucess in class as well as they have many services available to help.

IEPS or Individual Education Plans are available and should be implemented for your child, here is information on how to request set-up.  http://ddsb.durham.edu.on.ca/Parent/Special_Education/IEP_PIN_2011.pdf

IF you are having any problems dealing with your school, Principal or teachers, I would encourage you to speak to the school board trustees directly…you can find these names and numbers listed under the above website then: About ddsd >> Trustees>> contact your trustee

I am sure I am missing several other valuable resources, but this is a good start.

REMEMBER: these services are here to help. You won’t do yourself harm by looking into them. Wait lists may be long, but they are beneficial services and you should take part in order to help yourself and your child.

Best to you!


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