Congrats on a good week…Autism doesn’t always mean to expect the worst.

With Lincoln turning 7 in less than 10 days I have been very reflective on the past and how far my little man has come.

I know that 2545 days have gone by but in my mind I can still feel his brand new little body in my arms just after delivery and the warmth of his skin as he nuzzled against mine to stay warm.

Your first baby always holds a special place in your heart.

It isn’t that you love them more than the others it is merely that they were the first to show you what a gift parenthood is.

They were the first to pee on you while you fumbled with a tiny newborn diaper. They were the first to wake you in the night with their tiny, tiny cry and make your heart melt when they cooed and smiled at you for the first time.

My first child was special also because he has autism.

I didn’t know it right away, in fact, it took us quite some time to realize that a lot of the things that endeared us to Lincoln were not typical, and would not be repeated in our other three children.

There were also many things we would be happy not to have repeated.

The challenging and frustrating traits that any autistic childs parent will never admit out loud they despise, because they are good parents.

But they do, as I do.

Coming up to his 7th birthday Lincoln has come home today with a his daily report noting that he has had “Awesome Week! this week” All reports this week were positive and spouted that he was attentive, calm, participated, co-operated.

5 days of great reviews might seem nothing to brag about, but to a parent of a child with Autism it is a candle of hope that’s flame warms their heart.

5 days in a row of behaving and working well is like winning lotto max. You know, the big mother.

It is just so amazing to look back and see how far we have all come in 7 years.

I thank a lot of people for their love, hard work, sweat, tears, energy and belief for knowing we would get here.

Here is just a short list of the people that mean so very much and I thank every day for being part of team Lincoln. I know I will not name many people who are also on the team, it is not for lack of appreciation, and know you are forever thanked.

The fantastic support at Athabasca PS –> The problem solving and kindhearted Mr Huebert, The amazing Mrs Shaver, and Mrs Pendelton, you most of all for being a friend to my boy and holding his hand as he takes this journey each day. He thinks of you as his best friend, and he grows so much from your guidance and patience.

Mom and Dad for  believing in Linc and always being there and being so accommodating to help us get to meetings, workshops and training. Who could ask for a better grandparent?

Lee and Jo, Jill and Scott for their unending love and support.

Grandview Children centre for the plethora of supports and education.

The Durham District School board for meeting our needs and exceeding my expectations. Hard to do, but thank you for doing it!

Our wonderful Nanny, Jackie,  who I could not live without. Her big heart, intelligence and patience make our lives better. My kids are so lucky to have someone so lovely to care for them.

My wonderful kids who may not 100% understand Autism, but they accept it and love LIncoln even more for it.

And last but not least, my Husband Jack…who may have had his own battles with acceptance, but over came them and became a better father for it. Thank you for walking this road with me.

All we have now is to sit back and watch the future for all the good things it will hold.

Next week we will celebrate together to a new year with Lincolns friend and family. I will end this post with an exchange Lincoln had with his friend a school today:

Miles, as he was playing with Lincoln at recess – “I’m coming to your party!”

Lincoln- “That’s great, Buddy! I’ll be there!”


It is Great, Linc. And I’m so thrilled we will all be there to celebrate with you. –Mom xxoo





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