FOr those about to ROCK??? Music and Autism

I’ve been told a few times by a few people that I have a very diverse musical interest for someone who isn’t to terribly in to music.

I can sing (and I only mean in the definition or the word, not quality I can assure you the shower complains!) to Elvis, the 50 & 60’s sweet stuff, the country crooning of Patsy Cline as well as Brad Paisley, G ‘N’ R and AC/DC, Kayne and Snoop Dogg, Brittany, Whitney, The Cure, Johnny Lang, Awolnation, Cake, Everclear, Raffi….the list goes on and on.

This became a helpful tool in stumbling across something very interesting and rewarding with my Son.

One day when me and my Husband were listening to some retro alternative stuff a song came on and a new door opened for Lincoln.

“Agian!” we heard screamed from his corner in the back of the mini-van. Just a small little voice against the screaming guitars.


“AGAIN!! I like that song”

I look at my Husband, he looks at me. We hit repeat.

WE probably listened to “Bodies hit the floor” Drowning Pool a dozen times that afternoon. He asks for it EVERY time we go out for a ‘drive’ so Mom can grab a latte and a little sanity breather and he truly enjoys the hardness and driving beat of the music.

As a curious Mom I started listening to more of my own music and less Raffi and Backyardigans and watched as he sat in the back seat or danced in the livingroom.

I noted a grander reaction and enjoyment out of the heavier stuff, the driving beat of a drum and wailing guitar riffs.

Here are a few of his fav’s:

Bodies hit the floor -Drowning Pool   So much for the after glow –Everclear   The boys are back in town –CAKE    Come out & Play -Off Spring   Celebrity Skin- Hole   Fight for your right (to party) Beastie Boys   Bounce -Danko Jones  Uprising- Muse  Bullet with Butterfly wings Smashing Pumpkins. Holiday Green Day.

IT doesn’t mean he doesn’t like Raffi’s baby baluga, he does, or Like a G6 – Far EAst Movement,  He totally does, but it shows me that he has an EMOTIONAL tie to something in this music and perhaps, the emotional tie  helps him understand the emotional ties he has with other things, or lacks.

Maybe it can help train him to respond to other things in a similar fashion?

Who knows 🙂 but I do like discovering the capacity for this, it makes me even more hopeful.

Also, it is great to have a buddy to rock out to Green Day’s Holiday with or Paradise City by G’n’R. <grin>

Happy Sunday, Rock on!!!



6 thoughts on “FOr those about to ROCK??? Music and Autism

  1. Music is almost always in play in our home. The second we get into the car my daughter is poking at the radio to make sure the music is on! She also loves Muse, Green Day, Offspring. Horrorpops and Biff Naked, Billy Talent are often in rotation. She gets lost in the music and ‘dances’ 🙂 Mind you, we still get Bieber, Selena, Taylor whatsherface and all those others – but music is her lifeline. We have even learnt to use it in situations where her noice sensitivities trigger her (ie the shower) – some semi-loud music blurs the background noise and smooths those over stimulating edges! It’s amazing to hear that your son has found a similar emotional passion in music.

  2. I’d suggest the following bands for your son, he may like them.
    (and not to worry, I checked the lyrics thoroughly so they’re appropriate, lyric-wise.)

    Here are the bands (in no order):

    ENSIFERUM, Twisted Sister, Ozzy Osbourne, Orphaned Land, Crashdiet, Moonsorrow, FALKENBACK, OPETH, Agalloch, Alice Cooper, Alestorm, BLIND GUARDIAN, ADTR (A Day To Remember), LED ZEPPELIN, Def Leppard, DragonForce, Dir En Grey, Dream Theater, ELUVEITIE, Epica, Exodus, FTSK (Forever The Sickest Kids, pop/punk band), GRAVE DIGGER (yes the name may sound a bit violent, but the lyrics are appropriate and teach about Scottish history), HAMMERFALL, Heavenwood, Iced Earth, IRON MAIDEN, KISS, Megadeth, MANOWAR, NIGHTWISH (amazing band), Rhapsody (Of Fire), Sabaton (you may want to see this for yourself, just to make sure), TYR, VAN CANTO, and X JAPAN.

    The bands I have in capital letters are the ones I know for sure your son will like for sure. I’m sure of it. Check these bands out for yourself, and since I am High Functioning myself, I think your son will love these bands. Remember, the ones that are in all-capitals, check them out first.

    Hope he likes the suggestions, and I hope you like them too.

    Aharon Millar of British Columbia, Canada

    • Hi Aharon!

      Thank you most sincerely. I will download a bunch of the suggestions, I know many of the bands he already does like as I have played some of thier stuff while he is in the car (I am a fan of Twisted sister, Zepplim, Def Leppard and KISS!!

      Can you tell me why you enjoy these bands? Is it the intensity of the music, a driving guitar riff, drum solos and more forceful lyrics and tone??

      Thank you so much for suggestions. I am happy to have other bands to look into.

      Best to you,


      • I’ve been to 12+ concerts over 2-3 years so that explains part of it. The main reason why I like the music is mostly due to the driving riffs and powerful vocals I find within it. I’ve been listening to heavy metal for basically, the last 14 years (ever since I was 3 years old). I listened to a lot (literally, a LOT) Metal music. Mainly, it’s the intensity. I try my best to save money for concerts that come to town (in Vancouver, BC, Canada), and really, Heavy Metal and Autism = fun times. I’ve been in countless moshpits over my time in the Metal scene.

        I’m also studying music in my Grade 12 year so that is also another reason why I like those kinds of music so much.

        I think Linc especially will love the more faster bands, such as Blind Guardian, DragonForce, Van Canto, X Japan, and Exodus, among others. He will have such a fun time listening to some AWESOME music!



      • Thanks again!

        I be a moshpit would be heavenly for stimulation 🙂 I have 4 boys so there is no shortage of mosh lile behavior around here!

        Best to you in grade 12. Music sooths, and a good appreciation is a gift.
        Rock on,


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