From my Son’s eyes -Autism on a sunny Saturday morning

It is Saturday. 9 am.

The sunny is a large yellow globe in the cloudless sky.

The black net of the trampoline waves to him slowly in the breeze. The bouncing sensation calls. It relaxes him. Each bounce -bounce- bounce releases the tension. The teeth stop grinding, he lifts his chin and smiles to the sky.

Summer in Ontario gifts my Son several things that help him to feel great and enjoy life as a six year old boy.

The school year is done.

Although I still continue lessons through the summer (my Son has a hard time with transitions from home to school and does really love going, the daily lessons remind him school is required and helps with the shift in routine come September) and I do expect him to gain knowledge not just maintain what he had learned in SK this yr it really isn’t the same.

For any parents that are interested I find my reluctant student is HIGHLY motivated by the promise of a trip to Toys R Us. So far in just a month he has learned 20 new sight word simply by promising his a star for each 5 he learns. 2 “superstars” are the ticket to Toys R US where he can exchange the stars for one item under $10.

As a comparison, he learned roughly 10 sight words in SK. The entire year.

Does my kid know how to work the system!

Lincoln can be found under the trampoline after 10 minutes or energetic bouncing playing with his animals in the sand. There is something about the warm sand on bare limbs that make us all feel good, and my Son is no different.

Summer gives him several sensory delights. I love that he has figured them out for himself and made outside an oasis for himself.

Although he is in an out of the house leaving the door most times ajar, I am happy he loves outside and fresh air. The cat and dog are happy he forget the door….you know, so they may join him, even if they are not really suppose to 🙂

I LOVE SUMMER !! We can all benefit from the warmth of the sun on our faces.

Enjoy a little today 🙂


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