AUTISM -Happy to be part of it!

June 26th we ventured in to the city and to our very first “Autism Speaks” walk for autism.

I think the day was a grand success  and everyone,young and old, looked to have a really lovely day!

Team Lincoln was made up of a core of 6 members, the centre being our very special little guy, Lincoln himself.

Our team was small (some teams were made up of 50 or more people) but we are a proud bunch and the resemblance to day to day life was not lost on me.

Autism sometimes is a very isolating issue.

People don’t know how to react, act, or comment so many times they just don’t. Gatherings at times are small, shared outings are not attended as well as they might.

I don’t take offence to this and I urge you not to either. Don’t let it hurt and don’t let your pride get in the way of doing something that will make YOU feel good and help YOU see that you are not alone.

It was really only a few hours on a Sunday morning, time that would have been wasted lounging around the house in our PJ’s or doing housework.

It was though a few hours where kids and parents walked together to help understand something that changed their lives forever. That made their child more special and unique. It was an opportunity to see the silverlining in a diagnosis. To see smiles instead of tears and helping hands where there are often none.

When I looked over the crowd of people as we began a walk with my children I felt a sense of hope. A hope that the world would better understand and accept my child. I felt proud to be a part of Autism, instead of the normal trepidation and concern that my son might not be just because he thinks and feels and functions a little differently.

I have always walked to my own drummer. I have always felt confident and proud to be different.

There is nothing that saddens me more then to think my son may not feel this way, may not embrace his difference, just because he had no choice about it.

Autism is not something people should be afraid of or be sad over. IT is hard. It is different. Maybe that is why we need to love a little harder, hug a little tighter and offer a hand just a little more forthright.

Don’t ignore it. And most of all, don’t let your loved ones feel ignored because it is nothing to be ashamed or saddened by.

If you are a parent of a child with this diagnosis, stand proud. We see all you do and know love drives you to walk forward and work so hard.

IF you are the family of someone with Autism. Get involved. There is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing but good will come of your participation and believe me, your family member will be deeply thankful.

We watched Joe the Juggler and a very good stilt man, there were singers and entertainers and companies that gave their time to help a great cause.

Our little team had many great contributors, to name a few…Durham Dodge, Time and Patience Dog Training, Chirstine Marquis from Coldwell Banker 2M (a most amazing agent!), The Lost Anchor Tattoo Parlor and Studio B Photography and we thank you again for your support!

Lincoln had much fun and we had a great day.

I look forward to next year!

Thank you all for your support. I cannot express how much it means to me.



2 thoughts on “AUTISM -Happy to be part of it!

  1. I hadn’t heard of the walk for autism, but then my autistic child is a little older than yours. He’s just graduated school and is now living on his own. I never thought I’d see that happen. Be patient, they do improve.

    • THank you for sharing this! I imagine all parents with autistic children wonder IF thier child will ever live alone, and feel saddened that they may miss out on this experience. TIme does tell, and each day my little guy amazes me at his progress 🙂 I am glad to hear your older guy does too !!

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