“Hello, Mr Man! What’s your dog’s name?”

I know it doesn’t seem like an earth shattering comment, or even one that took a lot of thought.

To hear our 6 year old greet a nieghbour and address him in conversation is though.

It is HUGE.

The smiles on our faces, my Husbands and mine, looked like something you’d expect to see on a LottoMax winner’s. You know, right before they hand you that big freakin’ cheque.

Autism affects children’s social abilities. They find it difficult to start and continue conversations. Really difficult.

Lincoln rarely strikes up a conversation with anyone so the fact he is drawing out conversation without any prompting is exciting for us.

Autistic kids seem to only seek knowledge. Ok, a vague blanket statement but it is what I have learned so far.

Maybe I should correct myself and say MY autistic kid seems to only seek knowledge. He loves whales and science and dinosaurs (good grief he can pronounce all the big mothers without stumbling or stuttering) and he wants to know about ants, and bees and lots of really cool junk.

He speaks well but he doesn’t like to talk for the heck of it, unless he is telling himself a story, then he can go on, and on, and on in his own little world of LINCOLN.

Instead he will ask for things he desires or express needs or feelings.

“I’m hungry. Can I have some cheese?” (autistic kids seem to all love cheese. Something I have learned through a session at an Aspergers support group and some reading)

“I’m sad, can I have a hug” Which we ALWAYS comply. He is a great hugger.

“Take Bishop off my bed, I’m tired and he is bugging me” Duly noted.

IN a weeks time our little boy will graduate from Kindergarten.

I know I have mentioned this before but it seems like he is maturing so fast and really doing very well for himself.

The more we learn to be “in tune” with his needs the more we all seem to thrive.

We still have bad days now and then, just yesterday Lincoln had a meltdown because we wanted him to go to the washroom at Walmart when the other  boys went so we didn’t have to circle back to the washroom 1/2 hr later (a rookie mistake we have learned to fine tune after 6 years with multiple kids) The difference is now we know how to reduce some of the upset and calm him back down to where we all can cope and get through the task at hand.

After asking Lincoln why he was upset I decided to offer to take him to the McDonalds counter (inside Walmart) to get a drink. He picked his own beverage and ordered himself. By the time the drink arrived he seemed to be settled and we got through our shopping experience unfettered.

All and all, we have lots of good days and just a few not so good.

Lincoln is a happy little dude who yes, may be just a little different then you or I, but I think that makes him just perfect in my book.

“Snoopy” answered the man.

“I like your dog” Lincoln responded.

Hell, I like the dog too. He was cute enough to draw my son out and I will be thankful to that little Beagle for some time…

Happy Monday!


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