Brothers, Brothers, Brothers

As many of you know, we have a whole houseful of boys. Boy dog, boy cats, 4 boys and a Dad.

I am terribly, and completely, out numbered.

When you have children roughly 18 months apart from each other you often wonder if this is advantageous to the children themselves or have you just given them a million varieties of complexes (as we have heard many excuses for our children’s own bad behaviors based on this theory! “Oh! little Grayson feels left out, he didn’t get to be a baby long with Hawk coming along so fast!)

And, if you are wondering if I buy into this thought line…Er, no.

I am pretty sure Grayson stayed a baby just as long as everyone else. Despite him thinking he was an evil genius at a rather young age he still stayed in diapers until a few months before his 3rd birthday and he still breastfeed a whole year and only starting walking on his first birthday give or take (the others actually walked several months earlier!)

The youngest boy seems to be the happiest and most advanced at his current 15 months and I am fairly certian that he got the least attention and NEVER gets alone time.

With a child with autism in the mix my thoughts are often of how this effects him and his progress. Do his brothers help or hinder??

Lincoln is our oldest son. At just turned 6 he has 3 brothers beneath him in the pecking order and they ALL have very strong and different personalities.

So?? Does this help our son?

I believe it does.

He has 3 friends in his home every day that he has no choice but to socialize with.

He also has parents that (and GOD I know this is going to sound awful so bear with me ) just don’t have an excess of free time to over baby him and therefore it forces him to stand up for himself and make decisions that are not natural for him to make.

He HAS to be independent, or he won’t survive the household!

At times, it is “lord of flies” isque  in our home. The children judge and jury each other, they dole out punishments for breaking rules they set and deem to have merit in their little world of superheroes, trains, hot wheels and bombs of a varying variety.

I am even surprised at times to see Lincoln seems to be the little henchman handing out the sentences!! For a child we often worry may be ruthlessly bullied through his adolescence he seems to have his mothers ability to be forthright and unwavering when it comes to swift justice

His communication skills are maturing. Some may say it is his age, at 6 he is starting to mature. I am sure this is part of it but I just can’t shake the feeling that having 3 other boys to have to verbally advise to “leave my trains alone!” or to veto movie and show choices he does not approve just may contribute to speeding along his progress.

Also, we can’t forget how much more fun tag team wrestling is compared to one-on-one!! You definitely need 4 in a family to facilitate that!!

I know I will never get confirmation that having children in shotgun succession was not harmful to any thing but Jack and my sanity, my waist line and our white carpet,  I do feel confident that the plethora of brothers has been a blessing to a child that has a little more difficulty being social 🙂

Happy Sunday!! I need to sign off to ref the tag team wrestling going on on the kitchen floor behind me!



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