How to keep a child busy on a boring day?

Christmas holidays have FINALLY come to a close and despite enjoying the time together, I can honestly say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed my first day with only two kids home again.

I figure most of the problem was have 4 kids home and with the colder weather, less options to keep them happy and busy!

I would love to have you help me compile a list of things to do on a winters day… (hint,hint)


Here are a few of my humble suggestions:


Baking (takes patience though people, the more kids, the more patience!)

sock puppets (A good use for the million mismatched socks every parent has)

PLAYDOUGH! (it works on the young, old and tough guys alike)

“I’m a…” Pretend to be different animals, people, things…helps the hyper me


shirt painting

Homemade Crowns



OK… now please, pretty please! add to my list 🙂Homemade Crowns for my little princes


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