I am Lincoln’s Mom.

Here are some fast facts about Amanda, Lincoln’s Mom.

I have 4 boys 5 and under, so I am busy!

I HATE being like everyone else, so I am not.

I am addicted to Chai lattes. Really, it is sad.

I have never known another person with Autism.

Avid reader.

Bridge mixture, Total weakness for it!

Can play crib, can’t play Bridge.

Love to laugh, and my laugh is contagious!

My current purse is Zebra stripe.

My feet are size 10.

Sleeping beauty is my favorite Disney movie.

I don’t really like Winnie the Pooh, even though it is like a parenting pre-requisite.

My dog snores louder than me.

My parents winter in Arizona (wish I did)

I can’t whistle really, a budgie taught me and did a crummy job.

I never spell thier right.

I hate the colour purple but own several purple clothing items.

I am a self-confessed BRUTAL driver.

I got married by Elvis.

Favorite 90’s movie reality Bites

I really wanted to name a child after my favorite book

I refuse to be told “you can’t”

I skipped A LOT of school

Halloween rocks I love it more then Christmas!

cannot stand mouldy food!

I am not afraid to fight for my children’s happiness and success

I am 35

Cheesy Canadian Tire Christmas commercials always jerk a tear from me

Sometimes I just like to watch my babies sleep

I can sing almost any 60’s, 70 song

Oh, and I can’t carry a tune to save my life!

I do not see Aspergers as something to hold my Son back. I will see that he is a happy, carefree child and that he blossoms into a grown man who is happy and productive…just as I hope every child will.

I want to share whatever I can to help others embrace their children with Autism. We all share a bond that is not a secret but something to be proud of.

Love your children whole-heartedly, without prejudice.


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