A soft chuckle in retrospect

The other day I was cleaning out a basket of “junk” I had stored cutely on a shelf (I do this a lot trying to pretend it isn’t just junk) and found a copy of Jo Frost’s “Super Nanny”.
With a half smirk, I gently swiped the layer of dust off the soft cover and sunk distracted on to the loveseat as I slowly flipped through the contents of the pages.
My Mother-in-law, without malice I presume, bought this for me about 2 1/2 years ago. This was about the time Lincoln’s anxiety and rigidness for some routines started to become noticeable.
Unfortunately, as some may know, high functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome is not a simple diagnosis.
To those who live in the world of autism it is probably as apparent as a scarlet “A” pinned to a chest, but to a first time parent without prior knowledge of AS/ HFA it is confusion at it’s best.
I read the book, cover-to-cover, that is me.
I sat with my Husband and discussed some of the advice and I believe we even entertained the belief that this “may” be all the problem was and fix the behavior, fix the issue.
Deep down, I knew there was something else going on with my son. When I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes, and his eyes implored me to help him figure it out too, well, I just knew there was more to it all.

Finding this book helped me see just how far we have come, how well we have coped and adapted and forged forward.
Finding this book reminded me of the obstacles Lincoln has already surpassed and that it did not break us.
I needed to find that dusty, discarded book.
It is like it found me just at the right time to allow me a grin and giggle and to see the illuminated path in which we can travel to a bright future.

Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the Super Nanny, she is a fantastic woman, with great advice 🙂



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