IT’s a label not a blockade.

I do not know everything about Autism.

Many people think I do, should or eventually will (hey, I guess I am known as a stickler for detail!)

I know a few thinks though that I think are worthy of sharing.

1) Autism is a challenge.

Our children need us to take on that challenge head on and not to fear it. I have no doubt it will be hard, it has proven so to date, but it WILL be worth it. If we decide we can’t do it, just can’t manage right from the get go…well, what kind of role model are we for our child who will always have to face the same issues and will not be afforded the choice to give up.

2) We won’t ALWAYS have the support or assistance we need.

Take a helping hand every time offered, even if you feel you can manage on your own. There will be times that no help is available…if you are rested and feel strong at least you will be able to forge through the tough times.

The times there is no help available – DON’T PANIC! We are stronger than we think.

I hear all the time “I have no idea how you do it with a special needs child and 3 other boys!” (ok, 4 kids alone and you get a lot of sympathy nods) I find 90% of the time I am fortunate enough to be able to the things I normally would do without modification. The other 10% is a small sacrifice to have happy, healthy children (not to mention a little sanity on my end!)

P.S. I know I am terrible for accepting help, I will work on that! Promise.

3) In my case, and many others, things will get better with time.

I know my childs autism is here to stay but as he grows and learns and experiences his reactions will change. He will one day get through a week of school without breaking out of the classroom and to wish to be free of the people that are trying to help him. He might just sit unsupervised and do his schoolwork. He may just be trusted to walk alone in the supermarket and perhaps one day that outing to Chuck E Cheese won’t be this Mom’s worst nightmare.

He WILL be able to write his thoughts on paper.

He may just eat more than cheese, red peppers, fruits and oh, have I mentioned cheese?

It is a label, folks. Deal with it.

Then get back to enjoying your life…and more importantly, your child.

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