Tonight, as I watched my 9 month old crawl quick and determined away from me in the dark of the older boys room to the light of the hallway to pursue something more interesting, it hit me with a small flutter of sadness – children grow far too fast and we are lead to believe they stay small forever.

Giving it a few moments of thought, I’ve decided that the media leads us to believe infancy lasts forever – just look at Maggie Simpson or Stewie Griffin.

When we shop we see Mothers with children in arm.Everywhere we look the piercing yellow of the

keep us believing that our babies will be little forever. We build nurseries to safe haven our little bundles or joy, without realizing they will all too quickly outgrow our cute little decorum.

Five years ago, I first held my sweet little bundle in my arms.

I smiled to myself when his tiny little cupid bow mouth twitched or sucked in his sleep and I softly nuzzled his soft wisps of hair while he slumbered against me.

It seems almost over night he is now a bouncing, climbing, running, sliding rough and tumble kid. He frolics in the yard with his two brothers and finds frogs and worms and rocks and leafs to investigate and explore.

He notices that I am happy, or sad, or angry of laughing. He asks why, and weighs my answer thoughtfully.

I can look back and remember the tough times, the times that made me  wonder if I had the strength to be the parent I needed to be.

I also remember the good times. The times Lincoln laughed hysterically at a Popeye episode or rode proudly on a pony or pedaled his bike solo down the sidewalk loudly expressing his glee.

I think what saddens me just a little is that sometimes, having a child with special needs, we forget that time passes so very quickly. And children grow like beautiful wildflowers soaring toward the warmth of the sun and ever blooming into something bigger and greater. And maybe, just maybe, the stress and worry causes us to at times forget to enjoy every moment, every one.

Sooner than later, that baby on board sign will be replaced with 

or if we are lucky enough…

5 years later, I am 4 kids more blessed and I already have given 60% of my baby gear away. Enjoy your children 🙂



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