A Fantastic Storyteller!

Lincoln has always had a phenomenal memory.

Very early he would regurgitate back large portions of Thomas the Train episodes verbatim. If he had lost something he had an inane skill of being able to tell you EXACTLY where to look for it.

Last night, instead of floating about behind the scenes at story time (he often can be found on his bed playing or exploring his room instead of sitting with the other boys for story) he leaned into me and started reciting “Clickity, Clack Moo Cows that Type” by Doreen Cronin.

At first, I smirked with amusement and pride.  I am an avid reader, after all.

Very quickly, my face changed to that of a person amazed and ‘WOW”ed by what I was hearing.

He calmly, even paced, began to tell the story. He paused to indicate I should turn the page and raised his voice to correctly express the sentiment behind his words. A true story-teller.

At the end of the story, I looked over at my Husband and quietly advised he had read it perfectly, and only missed 3 words in the entire story. For a 5 yr old….It floored me.

The story contains words such as : ultimatum, Electric blanket, Impossible, and sincerely. Hard to remember, and well advanced for a 5 yr old to read (not that I am stating he read it)

Tonight, I got the same book out, and he did the same thing except, this time, he missed no words at all. He did point out a few passages, so I know that he somehow knows what the words say, if only the group not the individual ones.

For anyone questioning, this book is new to us.

We had borrowed the scholastic movie version of it for a week, and the kids might have watched it a dozen times at best about a month ago. The book I borrowed maybe 2 weeks ago and we have maybe read a 8 times also.

I personally, could not at this time…and being put on the spot, tell you the first line.

Just one of the truly interesting perks of Aspergers 🙂


BTW,  the story is very humorous and quite enjoyable, or the young and old alike.


2 thoughts on “A Fantastic Storyteller!

  1. I know that story well….having five children myself Amanda.
    What I don’t know is the ultimate joy you must experience every milestone you make with Lincoln……hence most heartfelt thoughts….. I can not only wish more time spent with you, my new Bff but also playtime with all of your loves…..your boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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