A visit to the library

Today, we had two firsts happen. Both are noteworthy.

Last week, I decided to visit the public library to borrow some literature on Autism.

I had my 2 year old son with me so after he waited patiently for me to register for a card and order in some books from other locations I headed over to the children’s section and ended up signed out 3 children’s books, a  Garfield DVD and my own 2 books.

Since the DVD and loaned books went over well, I thought when I returned the DVD (Video games and DVDs are 7 day rentals) and this time take the whole family with me.

I mentioned the tentative trip yesterday.

As many of you know, Autistic people do not do new or change well so it is best to give notice when trying something new.

For Lincoln, we find too much notice is just as bad as not enough sometimes so I gauge how I think he may react (most likely will enjoy for things like swimming and library, shopping, park to most likely not Doctor, dentist, school) to allow just enough notice so that it is not a new thought is normally all I need for something I figure he will enjoy.Too much notice for enjoyable outings seems to work against us, maybe he gets too psyched up?

Anyhow, we pile in the car and we go to the Library.

Now. I expect that this initial trip will be hairy for a few reasons.

Here is my predictions and outcomes:

1) 4 kids under 6 in a  NEW quiet place -not a great combo. I expect kids would be loud.

I was right. Loud effects Linc sensory systems.

2) A new environment where Lincoln does not know what is expected of him is stressful.

In hindsight I should have explained not only what a library’s functions were, but also what he was expected to do inside.

3) Strangers.

Lots of people, lots of talking, lots of motion.

DISTRACTION!! Lincoln likes to run when overwhelmed.

At the first chance, just inside the door  –>he bolted.

Lincolns Dad chased him down unhappily (as you can imagine it is scary to have your child run off in an unfamilar building) and when he asked him why he ran, for the first time ever, Lincoln gave an answer.

“I get scared in strange rooms” he answered.

To many, I imagine this sounds like a common and simple response, worthy of little thought.

To us as parents, this is a paramount as an Earthquake.

Lincoln has never let us in to see how he perceives the world around him. By making a statement as simple as it sounds, it allows us to understand how he thinks and better understand his needs.

You, as a parent, can read a plethora of literature on Aspergers and Autism but you will never truly understand how it relates to your child until the action/reaction plays out before you. It is NOT an expected result to us as parents to walk into a library and run like off like your ass is on fire!

I always expect for him to run…by now I am conditioned to it. Until today we just never fully understood the “why” of our sons action.

Maybe this is a sign that LIncoln himself is starting to understand that he needs to verbalize his discomfort so that we may in turn help alleviate it?

Time will tell. Maybe next week will go better.


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